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    I've got your digital right here... plus Kipnis

    By mpsyp
    Oct 1, '06 11:49 AM EST

    Remember how I said that I got too enamored with the computer last year and wanted to put renewed energy into physical modeling? Well, turns out I'll have to put that plan on hold. This quarter our studio is being taught sort of in conjunction with 630 Graphics, in which we are learning 3D Studio Max, Rhino, and Form Z.

    The good news is that our prof, Stephen Turk, is just as interested in the philosophical implications, and has been leading discussions on Lynn, Kolarevic, and Praxis readings, for instance. I love Lynn's description (in Animate Form) of a sphere as not a platonic solid, but as a special case of NURBS surface. I love the idea of the potentiality of parametric design embodied in what we consider to be more traditional or classical orthagonality. I suppose this is because my interest lies more in the interaction between the box and the blob than the blob itself.

    We'll see how this plays out in studio. Our first project is to use parametric design processes to generate a piece of "furniture" (loosely defined) and a corresponding environment that explore a sense of interiority and exteriority. We're all pretty new to 3DS Max, so this will probably be pretty clumsy. But we'll be picking up quickly as our other work in graphics class picks up.

    We also have theory this quarter with Jeff Kipnis. We've only had one session so far, but boy is that looking good. I imagine much of my blog material this quarter will come out of this class. More on that later...


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      is there a particular focus to the kipnis seminar? i took his seminar way back in '95 on rem .. smlxl had just come out. good times !!

      Oct 1, 06 12:54 pm

      since we're going to the 'way back machine'... I had kipnis in '94 for the AA program. We got to read william gibson and explore cyberpunk theory, since SMLxL hadn't been published. One quarter was more kipnis then you ever need for a lifetime!

      good luck with the quarter mpsyp. Don't let Kipnis make you cry on a review. He really likes to play the sadistic cunt.

      I should drop steve turk a note saying hi - have he and lisa tilder ever tied the knot?

      Oct 1, 06 2:22 pm

      Hey good question on Lisa and Steve. Have they?

      Yeah, watch for Kipnis. He puts on a good show. Just remember its a show. Shortly after a heated panel discussion he sheepishly asked a few students if he could sit with them at lunch.

      So is formZ still used heavily at OSU?

      Oct 1, 06 6:17 pm

      re:kipnis> this isn't a topic seminar, it's essentially a contemporary theory class... I know about his reputation as a humiliator -- so far so good. I managed to speak up without being made to look completely foolish. I'm sure I will put a few feet in my mouth before the end of the quarter.

      re:formZ> No, it's not used that much, but Turk still teaches it for its use of projective geometry. The class is pretty open-ended, so you can choose to learn it or not, really. He just wants us to understand its strengths as a modeler.

      re:TilderTurk> Don't think so, but what do I know. I didn't even know they were an item. Never heard one way or the other!

      Oct 1, 06 6:35 pm

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