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    21. Day 9 - Diagonal Mar and Fòrum

    Aaron Plewke
    Feb 4, '07 4:39 PM EST

    Diagonal Mar Parc by EMBT

    Fòrum Building by HdeM

    exhibit inside Fòrum Building

    other projects on the grounds of the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures

    on the map
    flickr set for 11SEP2006


    • strlt_typ

      i like the forum as an equilateral triangle diagram of the barcelona city council, the catalan autonomous government and spanish government...

      what's the story with the FOA project?...when i was in barcelona it was closed for construction

      Feb 4, 07 5:17 pm

      I have a few more images on flickr of the FOA park (portions that were open). i have a couple other shots that aren't online that suggest some parts were still incomplete...otherwise, i'm not sure. if Medit checks this post he may offer some insight...

      Feb 4, 07 5:35 pm

      as far as I know the FOA park was finished for the Forum event in the summer of 2004.. I just remember that a couple of months before it opened, in the spring, they had some trouble with the pavement of and lots of those colored concrete pieces were broken.. I don't know what was the trouble with them..
      then after the Forum, in Sep 2004, they closed the whole area for more than half a year and re-opened gradually different zones...
      I think they had to change almost all the pavement of the FOA park but by spring-summer of 2005 it was opened again and they did the first post-Forum event, something called Primavera Festival (a music festival)...

      Feb 5, 07 5:19 am

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