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    Without Intention

    Aaron Plewke
    Oct 13, '06 8:51 AM EST
    sometimes pages full of images can load slowly. this image is a fortunate[?] side-effect. Without Intention, or Unintentional


    • MADianito

      i love this kind of images, i have couple of them like that...and i love it, its the new century blurred effect like when with old cameras u move faster than the machine..... still is nice to found out the sta catarina mercat inside of the "legible" part of the image ;)

      Oct 13, 06 10:30 am

      clever - the comparison to the blurry photo...

      in this case^, the distortion is one-dimensional (up and down...although i suppose if I were to scroll side to side and up and down it could become a 2-dimensional effect...i might have to try that...)

      Oct 13, 06 4:45 pm
      Arnaud M.

      Is there a way to do that in toshop?

      Oct 13, 06 7:58 pm


      Oct 13, 06 11:20 pm

      absolutely, motion blur of a determined selected area, just be sure the canvas ur working at is big enough

      Oct 23, 06 3:59 am

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