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    Northern Italy and Switzerland with UF VIA

    Aaron Plewke
    Feb 6, '05 12:22 PM EST

    Here are some images from UF's Vicenza Institute of Architecture. The program puts up to 30 architecture students (senior undergrads and second year graduate students) in residence in Vicenza, Italy (about 45 minute train ride from Venice) for the Fall or Spring semester. The program has existed some 15 years. We have our own studio space in an ancient Roman Theatre (renovated of course). The program includes travel to sites in Northern Italy (Scarpa, Terragni...), Florence, Sienna, Rome and Switzerland (Snozzi, Botta, Zumthor, Markli...).image Thanksgiving in the Design Studio image Eisenmen's Landscape ART intervention into Scarpa's Caselvecchioimage From above imageVenice on a vaporetto imageBrion Cemetery framed view imageMore Brion imageInterior of Castelvecchio imageMore interior of Castelvecchio image Sunset in Bellinzona, SwizerlandimageTerragni's Elementary in Como, much cooler than Casa Del Fascio image A church by MichelucciimageAn unauthorized interior picture of Zumthor's Thermal Baths at Vals image A totally legal exterior image of the outdoor bathing pool image Zumthor's gem in the Alps, a 30 minute walk from the busimage Botta's masterpiece at Mt. Tamara, Switzerlandimage One more of Botta


    • honorthebrick

      Beautiful pictures. One of my coworkers is a UF alum. and he aslo took part in the Vincenza program. The only difference is that he did not return immediately after the semester ended. He actually stayed in Italy for over a year.

      Feb 6, 05 2:35 pm  · 
      vado retro

      nice pics theres a guy i think named palladio you might want to check out. peace

      Feb 6, 05 5:48 pm  · 

      Thanks vado're right, he was responsible for shaping the magnificent city of Vicenza where we lived for 4 months. Maybe my next post should be an homage to Palladio's Vicenza...
      honorthebrick, the UF refugee to Vicenza syndrome has become more common in the past few years, in fact, one girl attended two years worth of the program while still at UF (one in undergrad and one in grad) and then married a local and now lives and practices architecture there. She was our critic for this past semester's final juries.

      Feb 6, 05 10:37 pm  · 

      What the fuck? I dunno what to think about that Eisenman shite in the Castelvecchio? Is that a for real permanent installation? Maybe the experience is better than the photo but for now it makes my eyebrows scrunch together in sorrow for Scarpa!

      Awesome pictures of Zumthor's stuff. mmmmmmmmmmm....

      Aug 12, 05 1:57 am  · 

      ya, Eisenmen was a temp exhibit, I am fairly certain. As for experience, it was graphic, not to be occupied, a painting covering the lawn...

      Aug 12, 05 10:49 am  · 

      I did this program in summer of 2004. It was awesome!! It seems the studio environment in vicenza is even more vibrant than bevore!! Glad to know it still is such an amazing experience! We didn't get to see Eisenman's addition to Castlevechio...interesting!! Props to you for posting!!!

      Jun 26, 07 2:18 pm  · 
      Elizabeth Gf


      I am an editorial assistant for the mexican magazine La TEMPESTAD, which studies international contemporary art manifestations. ( In our 65th number, we will include a dossier about Art and Nature, with an essay on the relations between nature and visual arts, architecture, literature, scenic arts and music.

      We found your article about the UF's Vicenza Institute of Architecture. We hope that you will be able to help us with a high definition photo (300 dpi) from Peter Zumthor's building marked "gem in the Alps, a 30 minute walk from the bus". We would fully credit you for the information, and send you a couple of copies of the magazine as soon as it appears.

      La TEMPESTAD is among the most renowned specialized art magazines in Mexico, and one of the only ones which follows Peter Zumthor's work.

      We would be very grateful if you could send us the image.

      Thanks in advance.



      Elizabeth Gutiérrez Frías
      Editorial Assistant

      La Tempestad
      Nuevo León 54-702
      Col. Condesa, 06140
      México DF
      Tel. (55) 5219.5708

      Feb 26, 09 6:36 pm  · 

      Thanks for sharing this post and your pictures! I did this program with UF in the Spring of 2020. It was an incredible semester, we did walking towards with our architecture professors in Venice, Verona, Rome, and Barcelona. I especially loved the Carlos Scarpa work in Verona at Castelvecchio and in Venice.

      Unfortunately the Coronavirus Pandemic hit Italy very hard in late February and we were all sent back home to the US. We never made it to Zumthor’s Therme Vals in Switzerland, which my classmates were devastated about :( That was one of the main architectural sites we were looking forward to. Our semester was cut short in half but we really made the most out of what we experienced! 

      May 25, 23 2:19 pm  · 

      @ geometry dash lite

      Great picture. My brother also studies at Vicenza Institute of Architecture. I used to visit it. This is a beautiful university

      Aug 22, 23 3:59 am  · 

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