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Jan '05 - Feb '07

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    22. Day 9 - MACBA and Raval

    Aaron Plewke
    Feb 5, '07 7:44 PM EST

    MACBA in context

    We sat in this spot for a while, enjoying the great weather, watching the locals do their thing. After a bit the guy on the right sat down and rolled a joint. A few minutes after he lit up, the older tourist wandered over. He must have caught a whiff, because he became quite curious. Smokey didn't stay too long after that...

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    • cvankle

      man that brings back memories, MACBA not the weed. When I was in BCN for study abroad I took classes in a building right next to the MACBA. All the BCN pics are making me want to say screw it and book a flight for a second tour.

      Feb 6, 07 7:35 pm

      it was hash.

      but yeah...we went on this trip to Barcelona in part because we only spent a few days there when we were studying in Vicenza during Fall '04. we loved it so much we made a point to return asap. on this trip (2 weeks total) we spent 9 days in Barcelona...our apartment was a short walk from MACBA - a block or so from the Sant Antoni metro station.

      was the study abroad program through a US arch school? i happen to be in the market for a graduate program that has foreign studio options...

      Feb 6, 07 8:38 pm

      It was a US school but that was back in undergrad. Many grad schools, mine included, seem to offer semester-long abroad programs similar to what you might have had as an option in undergrad. I know in my program you can either take it spring or summer of your first year in the MArch program so that it doesn't throw off your thesis. If I had any money left after loans from undergrad I'd be across the pond right now.

      Feb 7, 07 12:45 am

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