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    14. Day 6 - Raval, CCCB etc.

    Aaron Plewke
    Dec 12, '06 10:37 PM EST


    • strlt_typ

      have you realized that barcelona is europe's get away?...i've seen so many tourists from other parts of europe just because the plane ticket to there was so cheap...i met this dude from glasgow who didn't even have accomodations reserved but bought the plane ticket anyway because it was so inexpensive and he was just gonna figure his way once he arrived and call a friend...i saw a lot of U.K folks in the bars...i met some basel students and one was from italy...

      meier building closed on a, i showed up there on a tuesday...

      some photos i snapped while walking from the forum back to la rambla...

      i talked to these graf artists...they were'nt violent...just willing to talk about their shit...the one in action was "jefe" the background with me was the "black pacifier"

      Dec 13, 06 3:24 am  · 

      "black pacifier" (short spanish dude wearing camouflage clothes including hat with his hands stained with paint) was telling me he'd been in l.a. hitting up the icon of the black pacifier...they had the typical graf tray to hold the only regret was that i use to tag when i was in high school...i should've bummed one of their cans and tagged and took a i can brag to my friends that i hit up in barcelona...isn't that the point of tagging, to get up...

      Dec 13, 06 4:05 am  · 

      the IT department where I work blocks images from Flickr (as of Monday) so I won't be able to see your picture until tonight...

      oh, on Raval, graffiti, meier etc. previously

      Dec 13, 06 9:07 am  · 

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