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    Aaron Plewke
    Oct 26, '05 12:39 AM EST

    Delft PhotoBlog Fall '04

    imageimageimageimageimage view to Den Haag from the tower of the Nieuwe Kerk
    ...Meier, Graves and Pelli on the horizon...imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage view of the Oude Kerk from the Nieuwe kerk image


    • did you hit up the library by mecanoo at TU Delft?

      Oct 26, 05 8:28 am  · 

      Very nice to see my city through your eyes.
      The windmill picture shows the house where i used to live back in 96/97 (the one with the red bricks on the right).
      I have never been up the tower of de nieuwe kerk, well one day i will...

      Oct 26, 05 9:42 am  · 

      Youe images are fantastic! I spent a year there in 2002/2003 and it's great to see the city again. How long are you there for? You should definetly go to the Apollo and check out the 'sneak' Have been to the markt during the markt? Or gotten the pofertijes at the little place right on the markt? Oh, how I miss delft! I hope you have a great time there!

      Oct 26, 05 9:57 am  · 

      first, quickly, the images are from this time last year, hence the sub-heading "Delft PhotoBlog Fall '04"

      Architphil, we didn't make it to the TUD, our day in Delft was spent in typical tourist fashion, eating lunch at the Vin & Kaas Winkel, climbing the church tower, hanging out in some beautiful tree-covered square (not pictured). It was part of a 10 day trip to the Netherlands which was archi-tour heavy, and at the time we were on a 3 day stint in Utrecht (where we spent plenty of time at the University, there will be a Utrecht image blog in the future...). Of course, as students of architecture, it's impossible to not see a city through these eyes, and as it turns out, some of the best sketches and insights gained from this trip came from our relaxed Delft-day, when deliberately touring architectural marvels wasn't our priority...

      As for that windmill, rutger, my lovely girlfriend was concerned that 6 days into our Netherlands trip we hadn't seen our relaxed agenda for the day did include finding one...although we happened upon this one accidentally.

      BigAaron, lucky of you to have spent a year there, was it an exchange program or the like? I would be interested...I still haven't done grad school and I always desire to combine travel and education...whenever possible. also, a couple of the pics are credited to my aforementioned g/f, the fabulous MK...the two back to back images that the guy in the pumpkin colored pants (me) makes an appearance.


      Oct 26, 05 12:23 pm  · 

      I studied there (the TU) as part of an exchange during my undergraduate studies at IIT. It was myself and another IIT student. It was a great experience that opened up my methods of perception to all types of things. I wish I could do it again, and I highly recommend it to everyone.
      Did you have a chance to check out the Berlage Institute in R'dam at all? If I could do graduate school in the Netherlands, I would really look into the Berlage....

      Oct 26, 05 12:44 pm  · 

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