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    00. In Retrospect

    Aaron Plewke
    Sep 23, '06 7:07 PM EST

    At 11:45am on Saturday, 03 September 2006, Meredith Klein and I, Aaron Plewke, departed from Jacksonville, Florida for a fifteen day trip that would come to include:
    eight airports,
    four* airlines,
    four countries,
    nine cities,
    seven museums,
    and one police station.

    Over the next few weeks I will be sharing our experiences and observations with you, dear reader. Please stay tuned. I would like nothing more than to trigger some useful dialogue.

    *The list would be JetBlue, American Airlines, Transavia and RyanAir, but due to “high demand this summer season,” Transavia was sub-contracting some of their flights to a “well-established” airline based in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Sun Country Airlines carried out our flight from London Stansted to Amsterdam Schipol.


    • vado retro

      destination, bangor maine...

      Sep 24, 06 6:08 am

      Bangor? I hardly even know her! (baddum dum)
      - so sorry, I tried to resist

      Oct 26, 06 2:03 pm

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