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    Aaron Plewke
    Apr 27, '05 11:34 PM EST

    ...a quick post, my last as an undergraduate at UF. Friday morning we walk, tomorrow morning we take our last final, Materials and Methods of BLDG Construction 2. We also have to turn in our semester [group] project for MM2 tomorrow, a CD set. It's fitting that my first CDs are the last thing that I will do as an undergrad here...transitioning...

    I just had a friend take a picture of our group, working away. From the left, Eric (at the computer, me, Richie w/ the fro, Stella, and Kelly at the far right. An incomplete draft of our CDs are on the floor...


    ...another totally unrelated image, an detail image of an acoustic panel designed/built by my Environmental Technology 2 partner and I. It employs 3 different hardwoods (mahogany, maple and cherry, because their density allows better sound reflection than softer woods, and they're prettier, and cheaper, 'cause we bought it as scrap from a local lumber yard) as sound reflective surfaces. The image shows the back, which is meant to be sound absorptive (in case any sound gets above the panel) and light reflective, because it would be situated beneath a skylight. The color is 4" tiles of layered latex paint, cut off of a local grafitti wall. Some of the tiles are more than 1/4" thick. Latex paint is sound absorptive, and the color reflects onto the surface of the wood, so the effect is diffuse pink light on the surface, as seen from below. We turned this in last week, along with portfolio pages of the Recital Hall that we designed as the context for the panel...imageimageimage


    • David Cuthbert

      what is that shite?

      Apr 28, 05 1:01 pm

      my first class...i can't believe you guys are graduating...

      Apr 28, 05 6:59 pm

      "The color is 4" tiles of layered latex paint, cut off of a local grafitti wall." That is quite creative, but weren't the tiles from the wall taken from a memorial panel? Maybe next time you do this you could chose to remove grafitti from a "happy birthday so and so" panel. Way to honor someone who died - you incorporated them into a design project.

      Apr 28, 05 7:22 pm


      if you really want to get techincal about it...
      every square inch of that wall has a memorial buried in it somewhere. you can't excavate ANYTHING without taking from a memorial that existed at some point in time (wrap your mind around that one)...just cause you can't see it...

      Remember, its GRAFFITI, its temporary, regardless of whats written.

      Apr 28, 05 9:43 pm
      David Cuthbert

      sorry Aaron, didnt mean to offend i was trying to get my bearing with those images of the acoutic panel - I was desperating trying to understand which way was up, or down whatever. Hence what is that shite?

      Apr 28, 05 10:32 pm

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