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    17. Day 7 - Montjuïc, el Jardí Botànic

    Aaron Plewke
    Jan 6, '07 3:48 PM EST


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      beautiful building

      Jan 6, 07 4:09 pm

      nice corten pics!

      Jan 6, 07 5:51 pm

      amazing place.. nice shots!

      Jan 6, 07 8:18 pm

      nice pics AP, great details.

      Jan 6, 07 8:45 pm

      thanks. the gardens were really well done - the sloping ground planes and corten retaining walls worked with although the architecture is strong, it plays a supporting role.

      the larger research building at the high point of the site, with its' relentless rhythm, plays well off the whimsical entrance pavillion. Also, the itinerary through the place - a series of gardens climbing a hill - allowed you to get a variety of views to the 2 buildings (one at the top of the site and one at the bottom). You actually never get a full view of the entrance/exit pavillion until you've reached the top of the hill and begin descending back toward it.

      ...We were equally impressed with the overall scheme, and each of the pieces within.

      Jan 6, 07 10:24 pm

      man, i gotta get back there...maybe this year 10th anniversary and all....that'll be cool; newly licensed, leed ap and a trip to spain....hmmm...dreams.....

      Jan 7, 07 1:06 pm

      nice pics, .. and nice title spelling! (ï - í -à).. not too many non-catalan speakers could do it correctly..

      Jan 7, 07 1:29 pm

      do it beta. you've earned it (or are in the process of earning it).

      and Medit, the proper spelling comes down to a quick bit of research, and an even quicker implementation of ctrl+c ctrl+v...

      Jan 7, 07 2:27 pm
      Ms Beary

      I must have missed that on my trip to Barcelona. A reason to return.

      Jan 8, 07 8:42 pm
      Ms Beary

      aaargh, just checked a map, I was right near there. What is wrong with me!

      Jan 8, 07 8:45 pm

      my feelings exactly- i was right there, how did i miss it? when was this done?

      me : corten retaining walls
      homer simpson : duff beer

      Jan 9, 07 4:09 pm
      when was this done?

      Jan 17, 07 4:04 am

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