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    16. Day 7 - Mies, Calder, Miró and Sert

    Aaron Plewke
    Dec 17, '06 3:31 PM EST

    There was a German wedding taking place when we arrived at the Pavillion, so we continued up Montjuic to the Miró Foundation...

    This fountain was created by Calder as a tribute to the mercury miners of Almaden [a city in Spain known for its' mercury mines]. The liquid flowing through it is mercury, not water.

    Calder, Miró, Sert and friends.

    interior gallery on the upper level.

    rooftop sculpture court.




    • vado retro

      i was home from college laying on the couch watchin the news back in 83 when a story about the death of miro came on. they showed his work and gave the bio etc etc etc. then at the end of the story the newscaster (peter jennings i think) told this anecdote about miro being interrupted by someone in his studio. miro apparently threw a can of paint at the intruder and shouted "i work alone!!!" my mother not missing a beat replied in her common sense down home manner- "Well, from his paintings, it looks like he could have used some help..."

      Dec 17, 06 5:36 pm

      that's hilarious. thanks for sharing.

      Dec 17, 06 6:53 pm

      long time friends.. catalanists until the end, even died the same year..

      with Picasso..

      Dec 18, 06 4:39 am

      aw, ap. vado's story deserved a 'ba dump bump' and you blew it.

      Dec 18, 06 7:00 am

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