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    07. Day 3 - city beach, Barcelona

    Aaron Plewke
    Oct 9, '06 7:44 PM EST
    image exit metro at Barceloneta, walk along the marina toward the beach

    image arriving at the city beach.

    imageimage Barceloneta's thin blocks hit the beach at an unexpected angle. The skewed intersection creates pockets of open space along the boardwalk. This portion of the beach, nearest Barceloneta, is what I understand as the 'city beach.' The way the dense neighborhood engages the boardwalk greatly affects the place's character.

    imageShortly after passing the skewed grid, the ground plane splits into 2 levels, putting the sand 12 or so feet from the street. imageimageimage

    My encounter with Barcelona's waterfront begins here, at the city beach. After Barceloneta is the well-scaled Hospital dal Mar, Gehry's fish folly, and the Olympic port (w/ residential village to the north). Much further to the east is Forúm.


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      What is inside of the Barceloneta's? ... and what is their function?

      Oct 9, 06 9:15 pm  · 

      Barceloneta is a neighborhood.

      Oct 9, 06 9:24 pm  · 

      sorry for the confusion.

      Oct 9, 06 9:25 pm  · 

      Have you had a chance to see H&D's Forum down toward the end of the beach? It's right off the metro, just wondering how the rest of that man-made part of the beach has progressed since I last saw it.

      I'm sure you have tons of things to see in BCN but if you get a chance there is a very interesting market, I can't remember who did it..maybe miralles, never got a chance to go inside but I think it's probably done now.

      Oct 10, 06 12:22 am  · 

      cvankle, i'm posting these blogs after the fact - this trip actually took place from Sep 2-18...later on 'Day 3' we visited EMBT's Mercat de Santa Caterina (after hanging out at the beach). The market is fantastic, inside and out. We went to Forum toward the end of the 9 days in Barcelona...both of these places will be the subject of future blogs.

      Oct 10, 06 8:55 am  · 

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