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    New Dean for USC Architecture

    By Daniel
    Oct 6, '06 2:56 PM EST

    This announcement isn't really a big surprise for the students, who have been thriving on rumors since May, but I just walked into studio and found a neatly printed memorandum on my desk making the official announcement to faculty, staff, and students. I see now it's already been in the news here at Archinect and even in the LA Times, so nothing breaking here. Qingyun Ma was the one dean candidate whom I did not see lecture last year, so I can't give any personal opinions, but I heard he was the most energetic of the four. Strangely enough, he also seems to be the one with the most future potential as a practicing architect, making it an interesting decision to leave that for a deanship.

    At any rate, I have my Virginia Woolf retreat review this afternoon. My camera sort of stopped working just after I'd photographed one of my study models for perspective analysis, so I do apologize for having no images of it yet. I will reveal that it's the first time I've used curves. Milestone or not, I have confidence in the project, but we'll see how it goes.


    • well it's about time!

      Oct 6, 06 3:31 pm

      guess this is a good indication that i'm not cut out for academic administration. he was my last pick of the shortlist you posted last year!

      Oct 7, 06 7:46 am

      Prepare for a revolution =)

      Oct 9, 06 6:13 pm

      What's good about Ma's work in China was that he could push Koolhaas' ideas so far in such a in-mature building industry. But if you go to look at those buildings, you would find that those were crapies too. The construction quality was poor and there was no details. What was more, the interior space were bad. It seemed people only cared about distorting photos when talking about architecture.

      I doubted the intent the school appointed Ma as dean was to export education to Asia, especially China and attract more Chinese students.

      May 10, 07 8:12 pm

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