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    Summer's Lease

    By Daniel
    Jul 18, '06 11:01 AM EST

    Cambridge is lovely, of course. Since I've been here (a week and a day), I've seen enough Shakespeare, been to enough galleries, and drunk enough wine to last me... well, the summer. It's too bad, I suppose, that I'm getting acquainted with England in the most miserably hot July in memory, when staying inside with the curtains drawn sounds infinitely more enjoyable than walking around town and making cliché American observations like "This water isn't cold!" and "Ever heard of air conditioning?" At least the English don't seem to mind making weathertalk.

    The town is sort of under construction right now, but someone came up with the brilliant idea of printing lofty-sounding and thought-provoking architecture quotations from Wright and Ruskin on the street barriers.

    Well, most are lofty-sounding.

    I'll make a proper post with pictures of Stratford-upon-Avon and London and Cardiff and Edinburgh in a few weeks.

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