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    Final stretch

    By Daniel
    Apr 17, '06 10:58 PM EST

    The gallery project is due this Sunday at 6pm, officially making this week charrette, in all its pimply-faced, heavy-limbed, and bleary-eyed glory. The final requirements are three rendered site sections, three diagrams, three rendered perspectives, one site plan, as many floor plans as necessary (all drafted with pencil), a massing model to fit into the site model, and a final eight-inch scale detail model. It might not sound like too terribly much to some of you, but it's by far the most I've ever had to do, so it's very daunting from this angle. This is home for the rest of the week (except the hours when I'll be writing a five-page paper on community relationships in the early Crusades and building some solar energy collector thingummy for physics):

    The group site model, parent to so many headaches ("What? I thought you were supposed to do that part." "The craft on this trellis isn't good enough, you've been slacking off!" "These materials are costing too much, I don't want to be a part of this."):

    It's one of the nicer ones, I think. My own responsibilities included work on most of the buildings as well as being the human bank of measurements.

    My own project has developed from "peeling" to "lamination" or "delamination" (which, incidentally, can mean the same thing--to separate into lamina, or thin layers). Now as the columns of program slip past one another and intersect with the axis of the quad, the floor plane starts to slip and shear into layers stratigraphically, and the roof takes shape from layers of material emerging from strips of earth which vary in spacing, angle, and thickness. This references to the sequence of wall thickness in plan, which in turn are also delaminating.

    I plan to layer my drawings using various types of vellum. I think they wanted us to use strathmore, but the layers work with the concept of my project and I think it could look very cool. Janice, of course, is all for it. Yay for SCI-Arc rebelliousness. She's been very helpful these last few desk crits as we've been getting more and more detailed.

    P.S. Peter Pran gave the first lecture in a series from the decanal candidates. I’ll scan in my notes soon, as well as my response to his session with the students tomorrow afternoon.


    • sporadic supernova

      I quite like your model... very neat ..

      post some pics after it's completed too ..
      cant read your plan tho ...

      Apr 18, 06 9:40 am

      Very nice site model..much better than ours last year.

      Kick ass and take no prisoners =)

      Apr 19, 06 11:31 pm

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