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    My first year of architecture

    By Daniel
    May 6, '06 9:34 AM EST

    A retrospective: divers & sundry things I have learned in my first year of architecture school (some of which should have been covered by common sense):

    Never work on an empty stomach.

    Clean your triangle. Again.

    There are such things as stupid questions, but that doesn't mean one should be afraid to ask them.

    There's probably an expensive glue for that.

    Words can be stretched over almost anything. Like cellophane.

    Prioritize everything, because it will all take much more time than you think.

    Look on both sides of everything you cut.

    Only take a metaphor as far as it takes you.

    Never describe a project as "interesting." Car wrecks can be interesting.

    When in doubt, change your X-acto blade.

    Bar codes are not your friends.

    Do not watch DVDs in studio. Especially Schindler’s List.

    You're never really finished.

    Thank God every day for keeping the lead pointer lid shut.


    • mad+dash

      that was good Daniel.

      May 6, 06 11:51 am

      I like your first and your last projects best. I always enjoy the mental vision of these first year final projects on USC's campus. It would be very entertaining to find something like that in the middle of all those bricks.

      May 6, 06 2:55 pm
      Only take a metaphor as far as it takes you.

      May 6, 06 6:50 pm

      very wise words...
      good job.

      May 6, 06 7:23 pm

      very good!

      May 7, 06 5:24 am

      wait, wait, wait...

      You just completed first year undergrad? And you wrote that, and did that work?
      All i can say is "stand back people."

      i hope your purity remains intact. Wonderful entry.

      May 7, 06 2:11 pm

      very good job!

      May 7, 06 6:23 pm
      sporadic supernova

      Good job Daniel .... very good

      May 8, 06 1:33 am

      "Words can be stretched over almost anything. Like cellophane."

      I like that a lot.

      May 8, 06 10:59 am

      Congratulations, Daniel, for some solid work. A student like you needs to be pushed so if you get a passive instructor next semester, make sure you push yourself. Like you say, you're never really done.

      You'll probably be interning from second year and up so do something fun this summer =)

      May 8, 06 1:26 pm

      I'm going to England for summer school. Does that count as fun?

      (Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments. It's nice to look back and see how far you've come in just a year; it's nicer to have other people tell you that you're doing fine.)

      May 8, 06 1:38 pm

      That counts as AWESOME, so long as you don't spend all your time holed up in a library or similar. You'll have to update your blog with photos.

      May 8, 06 2:23 pm

      Keep it up; your stuff looks great and your writing is clever and smart.

      May 9, 06 10:00 am

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