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    By Daniel
    Apr 3, '06 3:37 AM EST

    A more human view of my site:

    From Childs Way.

    People. On my site.

    From McCarthy Quad.

    And (in spite of my intense shame) here are some very prepreliminary models:

    A sleigh! conceptual ground-plane manipulation model. I won't tell you how long this took me to make.

    Translated to the site. Oops, forgot the macro lens setting.

    Here my neat rows of folded earth bend and break to realign to a new axis, but I'm not quite sure how successful this is yet. Oh, and ignore that weird wrinkled wall of trace and sticks, it's gone now. The point of this last model was to combine several conceptual models together; the translucent wrapping was a last-minute addition, and it left just as quickly (but not quicker than my camera).

    More to come, of course.


    • Marlin

      its gone?

      Apr 3, 06 3:49 am


      Apr 3, 06 4:01 am

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