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    First Thoughts

    By Daniel
    Jan 6, '06 8:59 PM EST

    Right, so were I a proper blogger this post would probably be well-written and elegantly introductory, but as long as this is a first post I'll take the opportunity to use inexperience as an excuse for poor quality. I'm too used to writing in the LiveJournal mode, which is, perhaps, not well-suited to architecture blogging. (Unless you all like that whole “look! Something meaningless made my day!” thing or something) Maybe it is; I’ll play around with my writing style and tweak it until something begins to fit.

    I babble. If you read my quasi-inaugural entry, you’ll know that I haven’t yet found a particular design style or characteristic set of architectural concerns. I’m more concerned about the latter: everyone else in my studio seems to already be clinging to a prefabricated manifesto, as if they’d, like, thought it out or something before starting the year. Most like to be trendy and concerned by talking endlessly about green this and LEED that, which is about as significant as me scanning my Green Peace email newsletter before sending it to the waste basket. Others have a particular architect they try to emulate: no one, of course, as populist as Gehry, but Koolhaas and Meier seem to be fashionable enough. The more obscure, you see, the more points one gets for name-dropping.

    I don’t mean to sound cynical. Wait, that’s not entirely true. If you plan to read my blogs, you’ll doubtless get plenty of the customary “everyone else” whine. It’s my modus operandi.

    Book of the week: Such Places as Memory by John Hejduk. Some of the poetry is a bit amateurish, but enjoyable nonetheless. Blindingly insightful review to come.

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