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    Installation, etc

    By Daniel
    Feb 8, '06 11:26 PM EST

    Monday was pale yellow and torrid, and I unsensibly wore black. The first years gathered on the back lawn and had our stanchion installation: each studio section had fifteen minutes to collect all 98 pieces and arrange them into their design. Some groups had fairly straightforward schemes that allowed for blitzes of activity and less than precise measurements; ours called for four intersecting arcs of varying densities, which meant we had to use an intricate radius-rope system. Complicating things, the group before us had a very wide, diffused layout, so we had to spend much of our time gathering all the stanchions and running them across the grass.

    It went well enough; we miraculously avoided knotting the rope or getting tangled in the stanchion forest.

    So that was fun. The drawing, which was my responsibility, ended up looking quite nice. I drafted alone late Friday night--the best time to accomplish anything--and turned up the volume of my iPod speakers. The janitors raised their eyebrows and pretended I wasn't there.

    In other news, I'm considering blowing off art history for Shakespeare this summer. And I must begbegbeg my parents to pay the extra £250 so that I can stay in the Old Court at Selwyn College, Cambridge, and see King's College Chapel outside my window each morning.

    Book of the week month: The Words Between the Spaces: Buildings and Language by Thomas A. Markus (an architect) and Deborah Cameron (a linguist), both professors at Strathclyde. The words architects use are worth a study.

    Update on Project 2B pending, as soon as I figure it out (read: the day before review).

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