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    Precedent review

    By Daniel
    Jan 28, '06 7:00 PM EST

    No, I really do suck so much that I didn't complete Project One, which was diagramming the organization of an assigned precedent. It wasn't that the Assembly at Chandigarh didn't give me plenty of things to diagram, or even that I was hugely lazy or unproductive during charrette (okay, that was lie); this week threw obstacle after obstacle, thwarting every chance to spent time in studio with things like a paper investigating the importance of community to St. Augustine, housing application and essays, reading all of Beowulf, and lots of pointless but time consuming work for physics. Excuses, excuses.

    You're all very unimpressed. But don't despair, I have pictures that will make you think even less of me.

    Light modulation, or I Have No Time Left

    Massing, or OMG That Ethernet Socket is Attacking My Volcano! (and yes, I did use papier-mâché and yes, I did get random third-grade vinegar and baking soda science project nostalgia)

    Organization (note the super cool translucent grid!)

    Program, or I'm Using Foam-Core Because Wood Scares Me, So There

    Circulation, minus the elevator shafts which looked daunting

    Proportion, or Look How Innovative I Am (So Please Ignore the Missing Model)

    Site (out of time again)

    Structure (after finishing this, I learned there's this thing called a chopper... would have been nice to know about that...)

    Review was unusually dry; the instructor my group was paired with wanted everyone to guess what each model was, while my instructor had planned on us giving a presentation of each. So I prepared eight mini-speeches for nothing. Many of the models were very nice, but I secretly thought mine where the best Chandigarh ones. I feel horrible about not being finished, but I'll make it up in the next (group) project, where I volunteered to do the bulk of the drawings. Finally, drafting! I'll update with the objective and restraints later, of course.

    In other news, I was more intellectually stimulated by reading about the classical orders (cauliculus! echinus! trachelium! cathetus! apophyge! How can you resist such lovely words?) than anything I've ever done in studio, and this new and breathlessly assertive part of my brain is nagging me and telling me to ditch this whole thing and become an architectural historian or something equally useless.


    • theMan

      USC has an architecture department?

      Jan 29, 06 2:04 pm


      Jan 29, 06 4:55 pm

      unfortunately for you, and to the vast amuzement of your betters(and i write this as a majority voice for your third year superios), your ego and arrogance are illusional constructs of your psyche. perhaps if your architectural work reflected might have some amorphous abstraction to base your mental foundation on. as of now, you fall through air. however, we urge you to continue your postings. perhaps if you listen closely, buried in the ground, you might hear our derisive laughs echoing down from the heavens

      Feb 8, 06 6:29 pm

      I'm not worth it, Gabe.

      Feb 8, 06 11:36 pm

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