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Wagamama knows how to keep things current. This U.K. based restaurant group’s dishes – a fusion of Pan-Asian cuisine inspired by the flavors of Japan – have built cult followings on both sides of the pond. Loyal to their values, “fresh, restless, positive, and free”, Wagamama was hungry for a new location in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood. Their challenge was to find a cost-effective approach to executing their high-profile design aesthetic in a challenging U.S. market.

Bergmeyer’s restaurant design team was hired by Wagamama to help them meet the challenge. Based on our recent experience with trans-Atlantic partnerships, we knew a collaborative partnership would be essential to keeping costs down and design quality up. Beyond producing conventional design documents, our team developed a process involving the millwork group, consultant team, and owners that allowed a majority of the restaurant’s components to be modularized and built off-site. This process produced large cost savings in labor while insuring consistency and quality. 

Lighting components, finish materials, and furnishings were also strategically integrated into the modular design process. For our lighting design approach, warm color temperatures and directional feature spots were used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. To control the lighting and ensure that its effects were consistent throughout the day, we teamed with Wagamama’s lighting consultant to create an advanced lighting control system offering multiple settings – lunch, early evening, night and “clean up” – so the lighting in the space could be adapted to create the right daypart environment for guests and staff. This innovation also improved the restaurant’s energy efficiency and added to our client’s bottom line. 

Patrons of the restaurant will enjoy the comfortable and friendly vibe—a staple of the Wagamama experience—within the lively seaport neighborhood. Guests can partake in the restaurant’s first cocktail program in Boston, as the new location offers a full bar to complement its positive eating and living experience.

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Status: Built
Location: Boston, MA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Richard Cadan Photography