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Dogfish Head Miami

Dogfish Head has brought its craft brewing passion and offerings to a new location in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. Lovers of craft beverages, original art, music, and delicious food can expect a Dogfish Head experience with a Magic City twist as it celebrates the brand’s sour beer program while engaging the local scene and culture of Wynwood.

Founded and headquartered in Delaware, Dogfish Head (“DFH”) has long been an established hyper-local brewing brand and leading-edge craft brewer. Yet, they discovered an irresistible synergy with the Magic City in a neighborhood that shares its love for creative endeavors. Strategically establishing a location in Miami presented an intriguing challenge: How to keep DFH’s brand true to its hyper-local, craft-brewing heritage outside the confines of their home turf? Our team’s approach to finding the balance of maintaining Dogfish Head’s local craft core on a national level focuses on the values of Dogfish Head Miami.

Rebranding a popular existing brewery in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood was one of our main objectives. Our team executed the repositioning of the interior and exterior of the building with the community in mind. Leading up to the brewery, beer fanatics experience a vibrant and festive garden wall of dancing fruit commissioned by DFH and created by a local mural artist. Art and creative expression are central components of the rebranding effort as Miami Beach partakes in the Art Basel fair every year. The first installation of local street art is just one way the team integrated the community into the DFH brand experience at the project launch.

Moving from the street inward, the unity of the Dogfish Head brand and its new home in Miami is expressed in collaboratively branded moments. Beyond the mural wall, the patio predominantly presents the DFH brand, with accents of the neighborhood layered into the design. DFH brand cues are woven throughout the design through signage, art, millwork, furniture, and even the innovative machinery that creates tasty beers and ales, such as Dogfish Miami’s state-of-the-art SeaQuenching Engine that brews its unique sour beers.

In addition to repositioning the existing brewery to amplify the Dogfish Head brand, the project scope also included renovations to the exterior patio and the interior public spaces. The culinary program is based inside of a freestanding kitchen “food truck" with local chefs on staff serving an array of delicious offerings. Our team also created notable branded moments in areas such as the biergarten through illuminated laser cut signage and interior millwork that document DFH’s origin story. The design of a reinvigorated retail shop elevates the Dogfish Head Miami brand experience while driving beer geek engagement.

Sour beers, ales, and other delicious libations are flowing at Dogfish Head Miami – pucker up and enjoy the artful creations!

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Status: Built
Location: Miami, FL, US
Additional Credits: Kalin Associates
TLC Engineering for Architecture
Chalk & Brush Design Co.
One Fat Frog
RCC Associates, Inc.
Sebastian Coolidge