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The Yards at Old State

Having already worked with Toll Brothers over the past few years on other luxury multi-family housing communities, they asked Bergmeyer to partner with the Toll team to create an elevated student living experience. Together we set out to bring the energy of student life into branded environments and touchpoints that resonate with the students residing in the space.

Our approach to designing the student experience was all-encompassing and included brand strategy, brand identity, naming for the property and floor plan types, marketing materials, interior design and environmental graphic design for the clubhouse, and interior design for the yardhouses.

The process began with extensive market research, followed by a series of interactive workshops that uncovered Toll Brothers’ aspirations and vision for the community. We identified the core purpose of the experience, values, target demographic, key differentiators, and the traits needed to make the brand stand out.

Values that distinguish The Yards:

  • Rooted in the past, designed for the future: adapting to the ever-changing world
  • Conscious and aware: seeking to do better by positively impacting the community
  • Individualistic and energetic: enabling creative expression and collective purpose
  • Beyond expectation: striving to stay true to elevated standards and ambitions

The Yards speaks to the energetic, adventurous, and ambitious qualities of the community it serves. The intentional design selections incorporate materials and palettes that reflect both the school qualities of nearby Penn State and the surrounding forested landscapes of the Rockroth and Bald Eagle State Forests. Lifestyle photography in the marketing materials features open-air activities and promotes healthy and active living. Ambitious statements like “All or Nothing” – used in the branding and environmental graphics – encourage residents to chart their own path and live a purposeful life.

The amenities offer unique areas and activities for introverts and extroverts alike. The main level of the 24-hour Clubhouse offers residents quiet spaces to study or work on group projects in private rooms complete with smart boards, computers, and unlimited printing. Two separate "bar" areas serve bottomless coffee and seltzer. There is a full-service package locker storage system where deliveries are safely stored until residents can pick them up. The lower-level lounge spaces allow for College Game Day viewing in optimal comfort with various styles of lounge seating and arcade games to accompany the area. The 3,900 sq. ft. state-of-the-art fitness center has cardio machines connected to the internet and TV, a free weight section, and immersive fitness space to take on-demand fitness classes any time of day. Not to mention a half-court basketball court with direct access to the exterior patio via an operable glass garage door. Rounding out the fitness center package is a rock-climbing wall, a sauna, and a spray tan booth.

The desired connection to the outdoors is maintained through the generous placement of windows overlooking the pool deck and easy access to a resort-style pool, three hot tubs, and in-pool lounge seating. The patio experience also includes grills, fire pits, and hammocks. The Yards residents' can fully experience and relish in the warm weather months outdoors on the property.

The Yards at Old State offers an unrivaled student living experience rooted in purpose, exploration, and community.

Take a tour of The Clubhouse at The Yards.

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Status: Built
Location: State College, PA, US
Additional Credits: BKV Group
Boston Art
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Peabody Office
Kinsley Construction