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Needler's Fresh Market

A grocery shopping experience that stimulates all the senses.

Needler's Fresh Market's mission is to delight their customers, nourish their communities, and inspire pride in their teams. The next step in the growth and evolution of this grocery retail brand was to align their brick-and-mortar experiences with their premium services and authentically communicate their values and vision.

The Needler's team created their new logo and brand direction and brought on our design team to support and contribute to bringing their vision to life.

Our scope of work included consultation on the design plan, environmental graphics, Lemon's Bakery Café's design, including curated furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the café, as well as custom experiences. We collaborated with the Needler's team on the store's messaging and messaging language.

Our team also guided the process of creating a prototype store design that would be flexible, adaptable, yet uniquely designed for each new location. The colorful, tangible, and refreshing new Needler's experience lies in the quality of the products and the store's delectably visual journey through the intimate displays and new café.

Customers are welcomed to the store with a friendly burst of flowers and signage that introduces an energizingly fresh experience. The purposeful new layout and floorplan create an easy flow, and the colorful environmentally branded graphics help guide the customer's journey through the store.

Specialty shops offer their own unique visual pop and presentation, such as the flower and cheese displays. Our team collaborated with Needlers to evolve and expand their existing design palette and language to create eye-catching new graphics that distinguish the Needler's brand. Custom millwork, signs that light up and add color, and "found" objects and antiques add to the unique new experience.

"Hello, we're delighted to see you" is the heartfelt greeting you'll experience at the entrance. We hope that Needler's Fresh Market's customers will feel the same way.

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Status: Built
Location: Carmel, IN, US
Firm Role: Graphic Design, Interior Design, Program Management
Additional Credits: Kort Builders
Morgida Retail & Management Consulting
SignCraft Industries
Site Architecture
Mark Steele Photography