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You can put that grocery list away because you won't find items like pasta, eggs, or fruit at this store. Superette's play on your local neighborhood corner store is a lighthearted yet thoughtful approach to destigmatizing the cannabis shopping experience. Their curated selection of cannabis products and accessories is elevated by the unexpectedly everyday touches, designed to stimulate the senses and make for an easygoing, approachable environment.

The new location in Toronto's lively Summerhill neighborhood is their second store, designed to further their brand exposure outside the Ottawa market. Their first location was designed by a Superette team who have extensive retail expertise. To take their concept to the next level for the second location, they turned to Bergmeyer to elevate the overall customer journey.

We love opportunities to strengthen a brand and the challenges that accompany them. And for this category of business, that design challenge begins before one even enters the store. Due to regulations, sight-lines into Cannabis dispensaries must typically block views to the interior. However, we felt it was important for the brand to project its personality in a more meaningful way beyond the standard concealing window graphics. The team created an entry experience merchandised with quirky faux "Superette" brand products to achieve this objective. Blocking direct views into the store, this colorful twist on corner store displays also acts as a playfully branded moment.

Rounding the corner of the "brand" wall, the customer enters the main store. It's here that one encounters one of the main features of the store design. The "flower" wall is a custom display case designed to be a cut flower cooler. One of several innovative merchandising touchpoints along the way, the brightly colored and lushly merchandised flower wall is where the marijuana samples are displayed. Customers can smell the various strains available for sale through votives integrated with the faux flowers, making for a genuine discovery moment of aromatic exploration.

Bergmeyer, in collaboration with the Superette design team, worked to refine these touchpoints and enhance the customer's experience. Baskets at the entrance offer customers a color choice indicating the degree of help needed. One can also take a seat at the bar to receive guidance from a budtender. From the vintage wall cigarette dispensers repurposed as interactive ordering kiosks to the old-school grocery shelving displaying a wide assortment of accessories, the overall feel is fun, welcoming, and refreshingly unique in this highly competitive category of retail. Every step engages the shopper in a wholly Superette kind of way. And that's all about having a good time.

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Status: Built
Location: Toronto, ON, CA
Firm Role: Interior Design, in collaboration with Superette
Additional Credits: Blake Jarrett & Company
CMG, Inc.
Kayla Rocca Photography