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Cedar's Mediterranean Foods

Just like the ingredients in their flavorful food offerings, the family-owned brand Cedar's Mediterranean Foods sought to create a fresh new corporate headquarters to fit the needs of their growing business adjacent to their manufacturing. Our workplace design team recognized that Cedar's was looking to strengthen its brand presence within its workplace, while incorporating Cedar’s culture, aesthetic, and aspirations of the brand.

Bergmeyer was tasked with tying in more of Cedar’s vibrant brand into the sophisticated aesthetic they wanted for their 16,000 SF, 2-level work-home. To strike the right balance, our "modern Mediterranean" design incorporated a mix of high-end residential and commercial elements that allowed us to preserve their desire for a clean and elegant workspace, while selectively blending in accents of their colorful brand.

Construction was already underway when we joined the project, adding some interesting challenges throughout the design process. To work efficiently, our team first assessed the design possibilities for a project that was fully in motion, focusing on how to effectively reframe the existing space to fit Cedar’s vision.

The focal point for Cedar’s is always their food first and it was essential that their workspace complemented their products while enhancing the display of their food. To do so, we applied a light and airy palette that utilizes natural colors and textures with a refined touch.

Through the trustworthy partnership we established with the client, we suggested improvements to the space and design concepts that could be realistically delivered while the project was underway. Working within the existing conditions, we were able to implement modern finishes to the lobby, test kitchen, meeting rooms, offices, and employee spaces. To meet Cedar’s focus on prioritizing wellness for their employees, we created an executive fitness center complete with an adjacent spa and sauna, introducing more opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation into the space.

Working closely with Cedar’s through the entirety of the project’s scope of work, Bergmeyer’s design team worked to create a vibrant workspace that serves as a stage for their flavorful product selections. The result is an authentic new home that truly captures the essence of this extraordinary brand and its family.

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Status: Built
Location: Ward Hill, MA
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: CEDAC
Creative Office Pavilion
Eugene T. Sullivan, Inc