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When Trade opened its doors in 2011, they offered guests a revitalizing departure from everyday life, bringing fine Mediterranean cuisine to downtown Boston inspired by the deepest notions of the Greek way of life: conversation, sharing of plates, and relationship-building.

Shortly after the fallout from the pandemic, co-owners Eric Papachristos and renowned Chef Jody Adams like most restauranteurs, were faced with the challenge of rethinking the design of the space to meet the needs of its future customers. In search of a partner that could work fast and within a modest budget, Papachristos and Adams enlisted Bergmeyer to help reimagine the design of Trade’s iconic 4,500 SQFT dining room for years to come.  

Our design team helped Trade facilitate its brand evolution not only by refreshing the space to meet the needs of future guests, but also aligning with the owner and stakeholders goals. All the while, we remained focused on staying true to Trade’s simplistic approach to hospitality: great atmosphere, great service, and great food. The process required confidence in both teams to work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and build a solid foundation of trust, transparency, and respect for all partners involved in the project.  

To properly respect Trade’s brand evolution, there were some key elements that both our teams wanted to deliver on: a hospitable atmosphere, a playful and unique approach to traditional Mediterranean food, and a space that transported their clients by capturing the essence of the Greek bistros. Trade acts as an escape from urbanity, a wonderful and exotic vacation from city life, and the challenge for our designers was to create that immersive experience from end to end.

Bergmeyer’s scope of work included improving the acoustic quality of the space to ensure intimacy for the guest experience, branding, logo, and environmental graphics, as well as upcycling existing light fixtures and furniture wherever possible. Despite all the uncertainty of the pandemic, Trade was clear that the changes to their brand were progressive rather than a complete overhaul. It was important that the metamorphosis of this space would not alienate existing customers, balancing the refreshing elevation of their restaurant concept with the comforting familiarity of this Boston institution.

Whenever new selections were required, our team worked to re-establish Trade’s signature vibe with an ambience built on low hues and naturally simplistic tones utilizing a refined palette of warming neutrals and gentle interior overlays. Whitewashed and accented with raw and textural touches, the surroundings evoke a Mediterranean destination visited or imagined. The dining tables are surrounded by greenery and dramatically tall sheers to allow flexibility and adaptability of the space for private parties and events. From flatware to furniture, every detail feels hand-made to balance sophistication with rustic elements.

Overall, the interior outfit embraces the raw elements of the existing space while finding subtle opportunities to soften the aesthetic using materials like velvet, marble, and intricate wall coverings.

The result of Trade’s newly refreshed space is as subtle as it is substantial, delivering an elevated level of sophistication and wanderlust to the guest’s experience the moment they step inside.

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Status: Built
Location: Boston, MA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Robert Umenhofer