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Bobby Orr Suite at Ames Boston Hotel

Hockey fans. There’s nobody like ‘em. And to Boston Bruins fans, there is no hockey player like Bobby Orr. As far as we’re concerned, a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame and a statue outside the Garden isn’t enough. Mr. Orr deserves… a commemorative hotel suite. The Bobby Orr Suite at Ames Boston Hotel provides a guest experience like no other. It brings a whole new dimension to the term “checking in”.

Fresh from the recent renovation of Ames Boston Hotel’s Cultivar restaurant and amenity spaces, Bergmeyer was enlisted by the new owners of the hotel to create a suite honoring hockey legend Bobby Orr and the Boston Bruins. In order to totally immerse the design team in lore of number four, our hospitality team collaborated with the legend himself to create a unique 600 square foot suite that not only captures Orr’s magnetic spirit, but also encompasses the legacy of the Bruins as a whole.

Dasher boards. Blue lines. Face-off circles. The guest’s first impression of the suite is of a 14th floor hockey rink with spectacular views of downtown Boston. That niche with the upholstered bench backed by a black-and-white of rowdy players and fans? A penalty box, of course. A replica of the banner with Mr. Orr’s retired number hangs against a massive black headboard. A scoreboard showing the time and score of the moment when Orr scored The Goal on May 10, 1970, securing the Stanley Cup win for the B’s completes the reference. Inspirational quotes from Orr, artifacts from the family’s collection, and historical images of his Bruins’ teammates in action adorn the suite and give the true fan many “Instagramable” opportunities to gleefully share this one-of-a-kind setting on social media. Total immersion has been achieved.

Hotel guests can also take pride in knowing that a portion of the proceeds from their stay in the Bobby Orr Suite go directly to The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame, an interactive sports heritage museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating sports, the career of Bobby Orr, and to recognizing, encouraging, and supporting outstanding athletic and community achievements.

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Status: Built
Location: Boston, MA, US
Firm Role: Interior Design