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Jan '05 - Feb '07

  • VIA through am84's eyes, take 2

    Aaron Plewke
    Nov 14, '05 10:42 AM EST

    A sampling of images by UF student and Archinect member am84 - taken this semester while studying at UF's Vicenza Institute of Architecture (VIA).

    imageVicenza and Palladio's Basilica

    imagethe Arabic influences of the Veneto

    imagethe 'back' of the basilica

    imageAnother view of the city, from Monte Berico

    imageChapel on Monte Berico


    imagethe way up/down the Monte

    imageVilla Valmarana
    imageVilla Rotunda

    All images above were taken by am84 (as far as I know), and are of Vicenza (including Monte Berico, which overlooks the Palladian City Center)...

    and now, a few from a series entitled:
    In Contra Con La Moda - Vicenza (Fred's page)


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  • VIA through am84's eyes...

    Aaron Plewke
    Nov 8, '05 12:01 PM EST

    A sampling of images by UF student and Archinect member am84 - taken this semester while studying at UF's Vicenza Institute of Architecture (VIA).Vicenza and Palladio's Basilicathe Arabic influences of the Venetothe 'back' of the basilicaAnother view of the city, from Monte BericoChapel on Monte... View full entry

  • Delft

    Aaron Plewke
    Oct 26, '05 12:39 AM EST

    Delft PhotoBlog Fall '04 view to Den Haag from the tower of the Nieuwe Kerk ...Meier, Graves and Pelli on the horizon... view of the Oude Kerk from the Nieuwe kerk View full entry

  • Barcelona

    Aaron Plewke
    Oct 4, '05 2:00 AM EST

    Image Blog, Barcelona '04 View full entry

  • Sliver Space

    Aaron Plewke
    Aug 22, '05 1:15 PM EST

    just a few images of a great residual space: Vicenza, ItaliaLa Basilica Palladiana this sliver space pictured below is a result of the basilica almost colliding with another bldg (or vice-versa). The resultant space is a heavily used sectional transition. View full entry

  • Architrave - student design magazine at the University of Florida

    Aaron Plewke
    Aug 19, '05 10:57 AM EST

    The students of the UF School of Architecture run an independent design magazine (funded in part by student government via AIAS) by the name of Architrave. The publication is 6 years old or so, originating as a copy paper newsletter, evolving into a full-color bi-annual magazine. If anyone at all... View full entry

  • Professional Life - the next [re]generation

    Aaron Plewke
    Aug 12, '05 12:13 PM EST

    I haven't posted a school blog in a while, partially due to my new status as UF alumnus. So, I thought the next fitting entry would describe life after's a little tale about a handful of the graduates of a four year pre-professional architecture education who chose to engage the real... View full entry


    Aaron Plewke
    Apr 27, '05 11:34 PM EST

    ...a quick post, my last as an undergraduate at UF. Friday morning we walk, tomorrow morning we take our last final, Materials and Methods of BLDG Construction 2. We also have to turn in our semester [group] project for MM2 tomorrow, a CD set. It's fitting that my first CDs are the last thing that... View full entry

  • hand modeling

    Aaron Plewke
    Apr 24, '05 6:27 PM EST

    so, having just looked at the line for the laser cutter on the UPENN blog, I am curious... How do you model? At UF, we have no fancy modeling machines. Students make models by hand, with very few students scrapping physical models in favor of computer generated models. Hand modeling at every stage... View full entry

  • Competition Entry

    Aaron Plewke
    Apr 16, '05 7:03 PM EST

    Here are some images from a recent competition, an annual 24-hour interdisciplinary design charette at the University of Florida called the Witter's Competition. View full entry

  • Oh Mexico!

    Aaron Plewke
    Mar 28, '05 12:23 PM EST

    Here are some job search portfolio images from my friend Meredith...enjoy This project was completed during a summer study abroad program through UF, the Preservation Institute Caribbean. The site was in Guadalajara, Mexico. This studio is comprised of fourth year undergrads and second year grads... View full entry

  • Portfolio images from John-David Carling

    Aaron Plewke
    Mar 13, '05 9:36 PM EST

    Here are some sample images from my peer John-David Carling's graduate school application portfolio. He is finishing his Bachelor of Design in Architecture this semester and will likely attend UF for his graduate degree. He has also applied to Pratt. Enjoy... View full entry

  • Images of Mexico: Preservation Institute Caribbean

    Aaron Plewke
    Mar 9, '05 5:30 PM EST

    Here are some images from one of two UF preservation institutes, PI:C. This past summer seniors from the undergraduate School and second year graduate school students visited Mexico for 3 weeks before returning to complete studio projects. Problems uploading, will add images see info... View full entry

  • Northern Italy and Switzerland with UF VIA

    Aaron Plewke
    Feb 6, '05 12:22 PM EST

    Here are some images from UF's Vicenza Institute of Architecture. The program puts up to 30 architecture students (senior undergrads and second year graduate students) in residence in Vicenza, Italy (about 45 minute train ride from Venice) for the Fall or Spring semester. The program has existed... View full entry

  • Design and Travel from U Florida

    Aaron Plewke
    Jan 25, '05 12:22 AM EST

    Hey Archinect. Here are some images from one of the international design studio programs offered by the UF School of Architecture. These first images are from the Hong Kong/China study abroad program, an 8 week summer design studio and urbanism seminar held in Hong Kong, using facilities at both... View full entry

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