Alfredo Pimentel

Alfredo Pimentel

Boston, MA, US


Path and Shade

Given the residential context that surrounds the GSD, this proposal aims to take advantage of the juxtaposition of residential and institutional scales by means of a new pavilion that serves as an interstitial space that is open to the public and at the same time offers an aloted space for the GSD to hold outdoor meetings and temporary exhibitions of large scale work.

The site chosen for this pavilion is the open plot between a harvard residential building and a GSD affiliated building. Its program will compose of a large congregation space and two circulation armatures that can also be used for an event.

In regards to its materiality and skin, articulation of the pavilion is composed of a simple steel frame with a hung wooden slat assembly that addresses the residential context found on the periphery of the site. For this design study, skin the composition is made up of a pre determined seed that has an engraved aperture which can be driven according to a given set of points. Previous experiments have been done with multiple attractor points, however this skin definition is being driven by the time of the day so as to correspond to the activities held during in this space. For the following visualizations the intention of the skin was for it to be more porous at its core so as to bring more light into the main event.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cambridge, MA, US
My Role: Designer