Alfredo Pimentel

Alfredo Pimentel

Boston, MA, US


Flat Lot Competition - 2013

The Assembly Line

Taking into consideration the deep rooted relationship between the automotive industry and the city of Flint, this pavilion proposal is inspired by the assembly line. By introducing the caveat of a product that requires assembly, this pavilion will simultaneously embody and exhibit a community building experience.

To facilitate this hands-on experience, a rigid structural dialogue is created through the use of V-shaped composite vertical members that are threaded together with a horizontal steel spine. The rhythm of these primary structural members is established by the existing parking spots that they will be annexing for the duration of the summer. Similar in construction, the bays are filled in with vertical and horizontal members that are designed with pivoting joints that allow a public audience to get their hands dirty and find the form that best suits their required needs. Keeping all of the connections as mechanical connections that can be easily assembled and dissembled is also a vital part of the afterlife of this temporary structure. When this pavilion has served its purpose, it can easily be rolled away to serve another site in need or it can be easily taken down into recyclable pieces for another project or be scraped for cash.

Between the bays, one will also find several rolling tool boxes that store the proper steel angles, bolts, screws, and wrenches that are required to calibrate the pavilion. These boxes will also house small food prep stations that can be rolled into any space where they are necessary. To promote sanitation, these rolling units are fabricated as stainless steel components that can be easily cleaned. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Flint, MI, US
My Role: Lead Designer