Alfredo Pimentel

Alfredo Pimentel

Boston, MA, US


Holocaust Memorial Competition

Without the separation between reverence and attraction, the purpose of a memorial that gives its respects to the victims of the Holocaust becomes lost. In order to retain purpose to this monument, the primary objective must be to offer a moment of rest from the lively environment found on the boardwalk. With its vertically textured façade and minimal views towards the Atlantic Ocean, this monument will stand out heroically within the context of the surrounding environment. However, what is found in the interior of the monument is a sacred space that is sculpted by different variations of light values that are reflected within the tube structure. These vertical tubes also form seating areas for contemplation. With a minimal view of the Atlantic Ocean, this sacred space will serve as a pausing moment within a lively boardwalk.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Atlantic City, NJ, US
My Role: Designer