Sibel Konu

Sibel Konu

Santiago, CL

Mamyr Shopping Center / general view
Mamyr Shopping Center / general view
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Mamyr Shopping Center

as Architect & Technical Job Captain @ ONCUOGLU+ACP Architecture

46900m2 retail

As a very standard medium size mall sample, Mamyr Shopping Mall, situated on a slope, presents a 3-storey-linear scheme plan with hypermarket on the ground floor with additional direct entrances from both sides, a cinema, a bowling alley, food court and restaurants on the top floor.
Even though its planning reflects a very standard scheme; due to the ease of multiple accesses and its airy, naturally lighted atmosphere inside created by its large skylights, the mall operates very well for the given cold region. Its terracota facade with eclectic articulations might appear as an another standart design usage, however that was a pioneer work on that location for that time.
I worked on this project beginning from the conceptual planning phase to the approval of frozen architecture, developed the project with estate and engineering coordinations, solved typical systems and submitted P-stage architecture documentation by using archicad and autocad.

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Status: Built
Location: Almaty, KZ
My Role: Partial detailings such as rotunda, escalator, lift, various interior claddings, ballustrade detailings.
Additional Credits: ONCUOGLU+ACP Architecture

Mamyr Shopping Center / interior
Mamyr Shopping Center / interior