Sibel Konu

Sibel Konu

Santiago, CL

B199 Tower Residences
B199 Tower Residences

B199 Tower Residences

as Architect & Design Job Captain @ ONCUOGLU+ACP Architecture

Istanbul, Turkey, 74500m2, residential, 2008 
Designed the building form and facade. Provided the planning solutions of the tower apartment units, BIM modeling in Archicad and facade design in 3dMax, coordinated and lead the 3d render process. The project was the winner of a limited competition and published in various web sites including ArchDaily and WAN.

B119 project is a keynode project on my career as I could find a chance to present my 3 dimensional and planning design skills extensively. Consequently, my career concentrated on design with increasing design responsibilities on each following project.

B199, taking its name from its address location, Buyukdere Avenue no:199, is the award winning residential tower project of a limited competition held by Zorlu Holding in a prestigious business district of Istanbul. Buyukdere Avenue rising with skyscrapers on its long narrow plots, causes a scale deviation on the existing shanty urban pattern of the area. On the other hand, when the latest
developments are considered in general, it is seen that Istanbul`s historical silhouette has been forced to change from organic to a fragmented line with the appearance of cubical modern building sections rising separately through the sky. B199 searches for how to integrate the former fluidity concept together with the principal needs of present highrise structures as such as rationality and modularity. So that, the tower can be placed in the new silhouette of İstanbul as a landmark referring to the historical silhouette among the neighboring cubical towers.

Therefore behind its organic form, the general planning principle of B199 is quite simple. Rational residential modules are hung on both sides among a corridor on the longitudinal direction of the plot, and the fluidity is provided on the section of the tower by projections as well as the boundary lines of the floor plates. As a result clear rectangular rooms can be obtained by leaving a transitional outdoor space around the floor area which can be used as a terrace garden. The tower form enlarges at the lower floors and with a smooth transition, extends to create the podium. Above the podium is used as a recreational roof garden for the tower.

The podium contains road facing retail showrooms and a museum which are defined under a surrounded canopy with entrances pulled back on the slightly curvilinear facade. One of the most challenging problems, was privatizing the entrance and traffic while keeping a public flow for the retail despite this very narrow plot in the middle of dense traffic is solved by layering the entrance
levels. The vehicle entrance is taken from an elevated, privatized drop off through a side ramp up and a sunken square is created to collect pedestrians safely to flow among the building frontal along the side road. So that the interruption of pedestrian flow by vehicles is avoided.

The project period took around three weeks of time by 3 assigned architects including me. The principle decisions were taken during the brainstorming meetings with the participation of the board
members. Solid model and 3d render works were outsourced while all the others including coordination and presentation were completed by us. My main participation on the project was
the design of the sculptural 3d form of the building and all apartment plan solutions of the tower coherent to the model. I used archicad program for both the mass form at the very beginning, and the planning which is varied up to each floor plate. Later after winning the competition, I was assigned to continue those following studies alone. During those studies, the façade has been articulated
more in detail to give a lighter and a more elegant appearance keeping the sculptural form. Most of my work later was done in the 3dStudioMax program. The final 3d renders were done by an
outsourced Chinese render company that I coordinated.
After this project, my reputation and responsibilities in design decisions increased considerably and my career path was drawn as a conceptual design architect.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Istanbul, TR
My Role: Designed the building form and facade. Provided the planning solutions of the tower apartment units, BIM modeling in Archicad and facade design in 3dMax, coordinated and lead the 3d render process.
Additional Credits: ONCUOGLU+ACP Architecture