Sibel Konu

Sibel Konu

Santiago, CL

Konfitur Shopping Center
Konfitur Shopping Center

Konfitur Shopping Center

as Architect & Technical Job Captain @ ONCUOGLU+ACP Architecture

20905m2 retail

After the collapse of USSR, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States emerged as a new consuming community and a retail market. Upon that sudden high demand, a boom on shopping mall construction was emerged by making use of the empty, cheap, large plots to build on; easement of access by existing wide roads; advantage of cold climate requiring closed spaces; and
ready international brands waiting for that new market.
Konfitur Shopping Center is situated in one of the remote towns of Moscow, called Dolgoprudny. It is a small sized city mall of 30.000sqm with a supermarket on the entrance floor and anchors with restaurants on the upper floor. Parking is provided in a 3-storey-separate building nearby as a part of the mall. For its well function, the mall was awarded as the best small sized shopping mall in CRE Moscow Awards in 2010.
I worked on this project as the job-captain, based in Ankara and assigned for the project development with engineering coordination till the end of working documentation. I did most of the drafting and detailing myself under supervision of the technical project director and managed the engineering coordination with the Moscow office. The final project was translated to Russian in the Moscow office.

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Status: Built
Location: Dolgoprudnyy, RU
My Role: Provided project management, working documentation and engineering coordination and drawing production.
Additional Credits: ONCUOGLU+ACP Architecture