Sibel Konu

Sibel Konu

Santiago, CL

Bodrum Midtown
Bodrum Midtown

Bodrum Midtown

as Senior Architect & Design Manager @ ONCUOGLU+ACP Architecture

Bodrum, Turkey, 57000m2, retail 
Produced conceptual facade idea, conceptual design and modeling

Bodrum Midtown, a recently opened shopping mall, is situated on a connecting highway of a busy and attractive touristic region in Turkey. It consists of hypermarkets and shops and entertainment functions such as the children’s playground and cinema halls which have entrances on different levels by the evaluation of the natural slope of topography.
Due to its seasonal operation and to catch the coming season, the project and construction were completed in around 7 months.
I only worked for a few days on this project and proposed a sketch for facade design on an existing plan. My first design proposal was approved for its design character. The principle design language and the general facade character were preserved till the end. The facade design items I proposed
such as plain, rythmical window openings, entrance flat canopy style with voids, breaking down the long facade by cubical modules and their material variations were rearranged and adapted to the following project development.

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Status: Built
Location: Bodrum, TR
My Role: Produced conceptual facade idea, conceptual design and modeling
Additional Credits: ONCUOGLU+ACP Architecture