Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

Barcelona, ES


Smichov City

Client: Sekyra Group

Local architect : EBM

Total area:  84,000 m2

Held by Smichov Station Development, the international competition for the architectural design of the north part of the development project “Smichov City” is part of the current Town Development Plan.  RBTA’s proposal for the revitalization of Smichov Railway Station area is based on the existing grid and neighborhood scale.

The scheme breaks the monotony and rigidity of the area by opening the blocks to make them more permeable to the surroundings; the streets open onto the gardens and courtyards offering an attractive pedestrian environment. The access to traffic will be limited to the transversal street.

The masterplan is defined by three basic axes: a green axis with the buildings that frame the park, a vehicular route running providing access to residents and visitors’ car park, and a pedestrian commercial street.

The office buildings are located on the periphery of the project, with easy access and a good visibility from the main exterior street. Designed to accommodate large plates, the buildings guarantee maximum layout flexibility, while all works spaces enjoy natural light and ventilation.

To animate the urban space, the apartment buildings are not designed as mere city blocks but as groups of houses that vary in color and size. The vertical composition of the balconies, the terraces and the attics, will complete the design of human-scaled buildings that connect with Prague’s city scale. The scheme provides 518 apartments of varied residential typologies ranging from 25 to 45 m2 studio apartments to 120 to 500 m2 four-bedroom apartments.

The ground floor in both the apartment buildings and the office buildings provide entries to the car park, retail area, services and amenities.

The proposed masterplan allows for phased development; each phase will be designed independently and will include a coherent traffic concept. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Praha, CZ