Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

Barcelona, ES


Antigone District

The Antigone project, on a 36 hectares plot, has been one of the largest single development completed in France, and was extremely publicized worldwide. It dates back to 1979, when the newly-elected municipal council of Montpellier decided to undertake urban development and make a new district on a site near the city centre. The purpose of this town-planning operation was to develop a new district along a central axis which would provide for the city’s balanced eastward expansion and link the historical centre to the river Lez. RBTA team designed the master plan and most of the buildings in Antigone, from the design of the plazas to the details of the facades and exterior furniture and landscape elements everything is proportionally and thematically related creating a stylistic unity in a district full of boulevards and plazas, parks, major residential areas, shops, schools and sports, cultural and administrative facilities. 

Client: S.E.R.M.
Total area: 400.000 sqm

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Status: Built
Location: Montpellier, FR