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Dallas: The Connected City Design Challenge

The strategic plan aspires to be part of a collective dream, from the past Native American history to contemporary culture. The project’s vision ensures that Downtown Dallas grows with a comprehensive integration of ecology, transportation, land-use and socio- economy.

The urban sequence extends from the Arts District, lengthening the pedestrian corridor to the new Science & Nature Program and Energy Park, and Leisure Trinity Park and new Sunset Promenade.

“D walk” is a concept that connects the DMA to the Perot Museum, across to the JFK Memorial, and across through the new bridges, connecting Main Street with the River, the Bio Dome, parks and new lakes.

The original Blackland prairie environment becomes ecological support that provides an intense street level hard/soft landscape design, with planting along all main streets, and a network of magnets: the +E Museum & Park (with pavilions) and outdoor neighborhood markets, that regenerate nature through local/global bio-mimesis.

The plan integrates the toll-road and highways through a unified urbanism that links 4 new Riverfront Districts to the Dallas Downtown through a multifaceted mobility scheme which pulls citizens away from a singular mobility mode, adding car-sharing, Park & Ride, BRT (rapid bus 90%, rail 10%). The scheme promotes development around a series of inter-change hubs that seamlessly connect transport modes, and ensure one’s home is walking distance from their job and daily activities. -
District by district design and inter-urban connections, create a sense of place and identity, a “genius-loci” from where to grow. The Trinity Riverfront promenade becomes the urban/ natural spine with magnets to activate a living ground floor where interior and exterior streets are connected, leading to multi-level decks overlooking the Trinity Lakes and Parks.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Dallas, TX, US
Firm Role: urban planners