rene brakels

rene brakels

Waterford, CT


densified open space

What is the influence of high density on open space in a design. Via research of a.o. Jan Gehl, Rudy
Uytenhaak and William Whyte I have set up the urban space in various shapes via a divers ground
level with elevated areas with private gardens and shop/sport/play areas. The zones on the ground
level are connected with commercial spaces, squares and a tree-lined lane.

The whole is brought together with ‘the home’ as universal recognizable principle or an extruded
version of a typical Dutch Canal-house. By materializing each orientation differently, a simple yet varied,
coherent and dynamic open space with a high density appears. The south is lined with a green
planted facade and solar panels cover the south facing roofs.

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Status: School Project
Location: Amsterdam, NL
My Role: designer