rene brakels

rene brakels

Waterford, CT


de Binkhorst

The Binkhorst is an old industrial area at the edge of the Hague that has issues fitting in and is dealing with a lot of empty buildings and a bad image. 

This proposal in which a group of us tackled this issue from different angles. 

Via phasing the whole, with each phase it's own catalyst icon and historically preserved 'gem' with public functions we were able to devise a plan that won the first prize at the end of the semester. 

My job specifically was to calculate the costs regarding demolition, building, typological planning, and phasing. Thus creating a whole that would generate a profit for all the parties involved (city, private investors and the railroad that owned part of the area). 

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Status: School Project
Location: Den Haag, NL
My Role: cost estimation & planning
Additional Credits: Michael Vis, Eka Hintaran, Boudewijn van der Laan, Odette Zwinkels, Anna Janssen, Anna Janssen, Michael Cerrone, Suzanne Weeda