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Torre Designo by Pininfarina

Torre Designo is a two-tower office building development located in one of the most premium neighborhoods on the outskirts of Mexico City. Surrounded by the natural foliage of the landscape and extensive views of the nearby metropolis, the two towers rise from a dynamic topography of hills and canyons that seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment. Conceptualized and designed by Pininfarina’s Miami-based team, the overall vision for its work with Torre Designo was centered around the idea of providing a high-end, human-first experience, while complementing the mission of the existing, full mixed-use development and elevating the surrounding neighborhood. Adhering to the belief that design is the instrument to humanize innovation, the design team focused on thoughtful schemes and user-centric concepts, while also providing a high-end commercial space for the surrounding community. 

Pininfarina’s design concept for the office building encapsulates the two commercial towers and a lower retail level, offering a community-oriented campus, seeking to support the nearly 4,000 residents that live within the existing residential areas of Torre Designo. In keeping with Pininfarina's ethos of balancing beauty with functionality, the architecture of the two-pronged structure elevates the user experience by leveraging the beauty of Mexico City. From afar, the high-rise towers are an icon, serving as a gateway that signifies the departure from Mexico City and entry into the exclusive, lush development. From a proximity, Pininfarina's design blends nature and modernity, blurring the lines with materials and shapes that relate to its immediate context. 

The resulting design incorporates various green spaces, as well as distinct moments where views of Torre Designo can be celebrated. Pininfarina's design team also paid special attention to the selection of nature-friendly materials. Recalling the vast amount of green space present within the growing neighborhood below, lush, sky-high gardens and a rooftop terrace are incorporated to offer tenants and visitors a moment of reflection and reprieve throughout the day, while changing the perception of the typical office building –– especially considering what's available in Torre Designo's proximity with regards to commercial space. 

The ideally-located project provides access to different parts of the city, located within 15 minutes of downtown Mexico City with direct access to several airports within 25 minutes of the campus via a new main artery that Torre Designo has unveiled. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Mexico, MX
Firm Role: Design Concept