Miami, FL



Following the recent success of the award-winning Cyrela by Pininfarina, Heritage is the design firm’s second collaboration with developer Cyrela. A dynamic design inspired by the shape of a speedform, Heritage features grand floor plans and luxurious amenities, and is set to become a pioneer in the new high-end development era. 

Located in São Paulo, Brazil within the Itaim Bibi neighborhood, the project combines architectural elegance through a fluidity of simple shapes and lines. Considered an innovative architectural concept, this development is set to be one of the biggest icons in the city’s downtown area. The 32-floor, single tower will feature 31 spacious apartments, with each spanning a whole floor. Each unit will also include large balconies overlooking unobstructed views of the city. 

Heritage’s design goal is to offer residents a holistic Pininfarina luxury experience throughout all touchpoints, where the experience of living in a Cyrela building is synonymous with living within an icon of architecture and design. The building will incorporate amenities for all members of the family, including indoor and outdoor adult pools, a fun-sized kids pool, a kids area and playground, a tennis court, relaxing lounges, a bar, a ballroom with an outdoor terrace, a state-of-the-art gym, and a soothing spa. Using ‘smart design’ that is focused on the end-user (or resident) experience and their quality of life, Heritage’s differentiating feature includes each unit’s garage featuring six to eight parking spots to maximize resident convenience. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: São Paulo, BR