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Istanbul Airport Air Traffic Control Tower

Designed by Pininfarina and AECOM, and a winner of the prestigious International Architecture Award, the Istanbul Airport Air Traffic Control Tower concept incorporates influences from both the aerospace and automotive sectors, highlighting contextual elements that embody Turkish culture. 

Pininfarina’s goal was to create a contemporary, sustainable architectural structure with a strong technological component, converging art and functionality. The interior layout was determined through a highly efficient study of spaces, with the end-goal of combining work and play. The design solution guarantees a 360 degree view of the air traffic controllers, possessing two distinct control areas positioned at different altitudes. The embellished iconic Istanbul Airport Air Traffic Control Tower utilizes a glazing designed to optimize irradiation and acoustic comfort. 

The tower, the flagship of the structure, was inspired by the tulip — an important cultural reference in Turkish history. The elliptical shape of the tower appears to be sculpted by the wind, and influences all aspects of the form and geometry of the technical building below. References to contextual architecture are again found within the structure- the central atrium, for example, has a bespoke skylight, referencing historical Turkish  buildings and filling the space with a bright, mosaic light.

Designed with sustainability in mind, an accurate solar analysis was carried out in order to reduce the energy consumption of the structure. The use of high-efficiency glass utilizes natural light while simultaneously maintaining efficient insulation, and a rainwater collection system was developed to reduce the building’s water-consumption footprint.

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Status: Built
Location: Istanbul, TR