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Juventus Stadium

The Juventus Stadium in Turin, Italy is a futuristic, environmentally-friendly project built with cutting-edge technology. Designed for both comfort and increased security, Juventus Stadium was conceived as both a venue where people will watch football, and also as a recreational building in itself. Juventus Stadium is the first private sports  stadium in Italy, designed for a team whose fan-base is one of the largest in the world. Great attention was paid to creating an interior that exudes elegance and modernity while acknowledging the historical and emotional impact on the community. 

A study of how to make the most of all internal areas accessible to the public (including the Salone d’Onore, the boxes, the terraces, the benches, the locker rooms and the restaurants), Pininfarina’s design team conceived a solution that acknowledges the architectural integrity of the former stadium while creating a new architectural symbol accessible to fans, sports lovers and the general public.

The design team was tasked with designing the floors, lighting, furnishings, boxes and lounges, as well as the seating areas on the terraces. The stadium seating (that seats approximately 41,000 people), was designed to mimic the pixels of an enormous photograph, creating graphic images of Juventus players when the stadium is empty.

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Status: Built
Location: Turin, IT