Miami, FL


Miami Beach Bus Shelters

Seeking to enhance the transit experience and improve the quality of existing architecture and functionality, the City of Miami Beach required a new bus shelter design for city commuters. Reflecting Pininfarina’s ethos that living and commuting are in a constant state of evolution, these bus shelters feature innovative modular designs and contemporary technology that highlight Pininfarina’s goal of creating a safe, accessible, comfortable user experience. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and amenities that enhance the passenger experience, key design highlights include estimated bus arrival signs, passenger security systems, and a tempered glass frame with additional awning to protect customers from the elements. Drawing inspiration from the City of Miami Beach’s playful, dynamic and energetic atmosphere, Pininfarina crafted the color palette to capture the vibrant personality of Miami Beach. 

In their initial concept design, Pininfarina proposed multiple shelter options varying in type and size to include different capabilities depending on the geographic area and passenger needs. The proposed bus shelter sizes include the Enhanced Bus Shelter Design for major transfer locations with a high number of users; the Standard Bus Shelter Design; the Minimal Bus Shelter Design for locations of limited space, low ridership, or single-family residential locations; and the Low-Cost Temporary Bus Shelter, which can be easily deployed and removed when bus stops are temporarily relocated during construction projects.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Miami, FL, US