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Flying Tourbillon OTTANTASEI

Flying Tourbillon OTTANTASEI is the fourth Tourbillon wristwatch designed for the Bovet by Pininfarina Collection, a partnership born in 2010 between Pininfarina and Swiss watchmaker, Bovet 1822. With both design houses family-run businesses with a long history and heritage, the collaboration signifies a synchronicity in both values and luxury aesthetics. 

The piece marks a significant turning point in the development of the collection, remaining faithful to the essential lines that characterize the collection while also affirming unique design differentiators. Following six years of collaboration and developing and manufacturing many timepieces, this watch demonstrates the symbiosis of craftsmanship and high-end design that underpin both companies’ brands.

‘Light’, with its dual connotations of luminosity and limited weight, was the design inspiration behind every stage in the development of this project. Drawing inspiration from the world of aviation, the design solution conceived Tourbillon as both distinctive and comfortable for the wearer. Four large sapphire crystals occupy the main surfaces, with contrasting elements in titanium and gold tracing the essential contours of the structure to resemble the glass surrounding the cockpit of an aircraft or helicopter. This watch is available in a limited edition of 86 timepieces in titanium, and 86 timepieces in 18K red gold.

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Status: Built
Location: Turin, IT