Vance Heinrich

Vance Heinrich

Los Angeles, CA, US


Northerly Island Nature Center

The Northerly Island draws a great number of tourists as well
as locals to its’ general area all year long. Our proposal for
the site is to separate the peninsula into two Islands, an active
section on the north end of the site allowing space for The
Nature Center function activities as well as exhibits, demonstrations
and the program function facilities. The south Island
will be protected in a natural state providing a passive environment
for permeable bike and pedestrian trails, and woodland
areas to create a habitat for migrating bird populations.
When a structure is built the spaces are separated into internal
and external, or objects and natural world. The idea is to create
a structure that fuses with nature and in part merges human and
nature. The indoor/ outdoor structure combines functions to
create the path and program together. The building becomes a
link for the transition from the active island to the passive island.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Chicago, IL, US