Vance Heinrich

Vance Heinrich

Los Angeles, CA, US


Austin Youth Hostel

This project is a mixed use design consisting of a travelers hostel,
residential units, and commercial units. The hostel accommodates all
travelers: backpackers; visiting students; long term students; migratory
birds as well as inner city birds. This project looks at both the built
space: that is filled by human, as well as, the residual space: that is filled
by nature. The design first forms around nature, then is consumed by
it. This project focuses on the idea of components that together form
modules. These modules are combined to then create different unit
configurations. The idea is to create a simple set of prefabricated components
that the client can use to develop a space for his or her needs.
Plots can be purchased and developed with these simple sets of components.
Additional components can be later added to the unit if more
space is needed. The module system is developed on a 10’ x 10’ grid
and the module types consist of: sleep module; bath module; kitchen/
dining module; stair module; laundry module; game module; commercial
module; bird module; tree module; garden module; sky module.

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Status: School Project
Location: Austin, TX, US