Vance Heinrich

Vance Heinrich

Los Angeles, CA, US


Digital Arts Village

The DAV is a multifamily live-work community for the Digital Arts.
Through the use of discarded shipping containers residents would
live, work and express themselves through their exhibits at the DAV.
The proposal seeks to develop a relationship between the visitor
and resident while fostering a unique community within the
city of Newark. The project of artists studios allow for an interplay
of the pedestrian and inhabitants to engage in dialogue via
digital media works illuminating the glass facades of the volumes.
Resident artists would be able to exhibit work during process and fi nished
works via transparent glass facades and enclosures within the units.
The project sites itself in response to the urban context. The two
linear compositions of the box confi guration allows for a pedestrian
street plaza lined with galleries and demonstration spaces
for visitors and residents to gather and engage the community.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Newark, NJ, US